Nov 24, 2011

Steganography the EoF method

Steganography the EoF method

In this post i explain how to hide a text inside of image with the EoF method (End of File)

Steganography in simple words is the art to hide a message or something is better you see the Wikipedia definition steganography

Now we see can hide a text inside the image

First we see the size of the file

Then write the next on the shell

echo "The message" >> file_name_of_the_file

Now see the how increase the size of the file

We can see the message doing cat on the shell see on the end of the file

We can see the message with Hex Editor see the below image

This is all is a simple method we can use hide text on a image.


  1. Hey! interesante
    tambien se puede usar el comando hexdump desde terminal, si le pones el -C te pinta lo mismo que el editor hex.

    Me pregunto si con este tipo de tecnica se podra inyectar el shellcode a un exe para hacer un buffer overflow :o

    algun uso le podre dar :)

  2. Vale la pena intentar lo que sugiere Eve ;) +1 para N3P.